Kemer to Antalya airport

Transfer from Antalya Airport to Kemer

Travelling in Turkey is exciting. You can see every natural beauty in Turkey. Due to the clean sea, long beaches, and historical structures, Antalya is the most preferred city in Turkey. Kemer is the favourite of Antalya. Kemer is about 60 kilometres away from Antalya Airport. Every tourist wants to visit Kemer. If you are considering arriving at the Kemer, we are going to explain every way to transfer from Antalya Airport to Kemer district and the best transportation one which is shuttle services.

Antalya Airport Transfer

Usual Methods; If you prefer busses, you have to arrive at Antalya Bus Terminal for transfer from Antalya Airport to Kemer district. You can go to Antalya Bus Terminal via bus, taxi, and tramway. Then, you can see there the busses and minibusses going to the Kemer. This method is a very cheap method if compared to other transportation methods, but the hardest way for your comfy. One of the other cheapest methods is using Havaş for transfer from Antalya Airport to Kemer district. When you pay about 15,00 Turkish liras (according to the current market), you can arrive at Kemer, but if you use this method, you couldn't arrive exactly that your desired place because of the Havaş route. Going to Kemer by taxi is one of the comfortable ways for you, but the price will be too much than transportation by bus. Besides these, if needed to compare with shuttles, it is not comfortable enough.

Transfer from Kemer to Antalya Airport

The Most Logical Way to Going Kemer is Shuttle Services
If you want to go near to the beaches or holiday districts in Antalya from Antalya Airport, providing your transportation via shuttle service agencies is going to assist you. There are so many agencies at Antalya Airport for transfer from Kemer to Antalya Airport. Agencies provide so many things for their valuable passengers. They are using top model minibuses. These minibuses are modified and their seats are changed with the most comfortable seats. Inside these cars, there is beverage and foods. Throughout the voyage, you can eat and drink.  Agencies are thought and presented everything. Before the coming, if you make a reservation you can never wait. Shuttle services are going to wait for you. Every passenger wants to travel comfortably. In addition to these, they want the cheapest transportation way. Shuttle services are not cheapest as busses, but if you regard your time and comfort you should choice shuttle services. Distance is about 65 km. between Kemer and Antalya Airport and if you don't think using busses, shuttle services are going to the logical way to you. As a result, Shuttle Services are going to carry their valuable passengers. If you want to feel priceless you have to choice shuttle services.
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