Antalya - Cirali Transfer

Private transfer from Antalya Airport to the hotels in Cirali

Olimpos, Kemer district of Antalya, is an absolute destination for local and foreign tourists with its beach and ancient city ruins. If you want to spend time with nature on holiday, we can say that Chimera is for you… There are many tree houses, pensions and camping areas in Chimera. Located 28 kilometers from Kemer, Cirali will provide you with nature in a valley surrounded by pine trees.

Antalya Airport - Cirali

We will take you from Antalya Airport with your private vehicle to Chimera with your transfer reservation. With years of experience and experienced staff, we ensure your satisfaction on your journey. Adrasan, which is a 20-25 minute drive from Olympos, should definitely be added to your route. Cirali is an ideal place to spend your day with its completely sandy beach, water sports where you can have fun and cafes near the beach.

Airport - Cirali Transfer

After you get to Antalya airport, you can enjoy the quality journey with our Antalya Transfer company which provides you to reach Chimera directly. One of the first places that comes to mind when you say Cirali is the ancient city of Olimpos. Although the exact date of the foundation of Olympos is unknown, it was mentioned in the Lycian Union coins minted in 67-168 BC. Most of the ruins survived to the present day are covered with trees and shrubs in the forest and belong to the Hellenistic and Roman Byzantine periods. You can reach the perfect Cirali - Olympos beach by passing through this old town. In Olympos you can enjoy a variety of fun activities such as trekking, diving, rock climbing.

Antalya to Cirali

In Antalya Cirali Transfer service, we make sure your comfort throughout your journey by acting with a customer-oriented perspective. You don't have to think about how to reach Olympos, which is the holiday stop of many local and foreign tourists in Antalya. With Antalya Transfer, we aim to facilitate your transportation in Antalya. Door-to-Door, First class service, Book online.

Antalya - Chimera Transfer

With its bohemian venues and beach you can't see anywhere else, Cirali makes your holiday an unforgettable moment by meeting history. Our transportation and service company Antalya Transfer offers you the quality transportation service you are looking for with VIP, economical service packages.

Antalya Transfer

You can visit to make an appointment with Antalya Transfer, which provides transportation services to Cirali. If you wish, you can call our call center on +90 507 130 4 888  and make your Antalya airport transfer or Cirali Transfer reservation.

Transfer from Antalya Airport to Cirali

We offer many destinations, please contact us at ( ) enter your address and location and we will take you there.

We offer private transfers from antalya airport to the requested hotels or taxi private addresses in / around Kemer, Cirali, Chimera, Olympos.

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