Belek to Antalya Airport

Transfer from Antalya Airport to Belek

Belek is the most preferred district of Antalya. Every visitor wants to see Belek when they come to Antalya. We are going to explain the most preferred method for Transfer from Antalya Airport to Belek district. This method is a shuttle service.

Some of the visitors are using taxis and busses but There are pros and cons for this method. Taxis are expensive and it is not comfortable if we can compare with the shuttles. Busses are not comfortable and you have to chance to buss more than two.  Due to this reason using service shuttles is the most logical way to Transfer from Antalya Airport to Belek location.Also, busses are not a sanitary way for transportation due to the coronavirus outbreak. Because of this situation, most tourists prefer shuttle services.

Transfer from Belek to Antalya airport

If you want to go near to the seaside or vacation districts in Antalya from Antalya Airport, providing your transportation via shuttle service agencies is going to help you. There is plenty of agency at Antalya Airport for transfer from Belek to Antalya Airport location. Agencies provide so many things for their valuable passengers. They are using top model minibusses. These minibusses are modified and their seats are changed with the most comfortable seats. Inside these cars, there are beverages and foods. Throughout the travel, you can eat and drink.  These agencies think everything for you and offered many facilities. Before the coming, if you make a reservation you can never wait. Shuttle services are going to wait for you. Every passenger wants to travel comfortably, besides these, they want the cheapest transportation way. Shuttle services are not cheapest as busses, but if you consider your time and comfort, you must choose shuttle services. Distance is about 35 km. between Belek and Antalya Airport and if you don't think using busses, shuttle services are going to the logical way to you.

Antalya Airport Transfer

As a conclusion, Shuttle Services are going to carry their valuable passengers. If you want to feel priceless you have to choice Antalya airport transfer, shuttle services.

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We offer individual and private taxi transfers from Antalya Airport to the requested hotels or Resort,  private addresses, in / arouBelek. Transfer from Antalya Airport to Belek.

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